Thalamus' Hungry Cat Page

The Story of Thalamus

Meet Thalamus, our voluptuous cat. Thalamus has only two pleasures in life: Eating and 'scritchy scratches'. As you can see from her photos, she does a lot of the first. She's also very demanding of the second. Unfortunately, this cute and cuddly kitty hates to be handled. Thalamus is constantly running and hiding from us because she thinks we're going to pick her up and cuddle her - she's right.

Thalamus came into our home back in January of 1997. She was such a tiny kitty, only 9 weeks old and very timid. She was also a little slow - the vet said it was just her stage of development. Thalamus had been born in a basement and she and her mother and siblings were left alone by their owners. We think that that's why Thalamus hates attention -- because she never received any cuddles from people when she was a tiny kitty.

Now, although Thalamus still hates to be held, she can be friendly - usually in the morning when she is demanding to be fed and scratched. This is our best time to grab her and give her a cuddle. She has learnt to tolerate our cuddles but usually has her claws out ready to stick them into you when she has had enough.

Thalamus also has a few 'little' problems. One day we bought home some toy mice with stringy tails. Later we found all the tails had been chewed off and we had one sick kitty. Fortunately, she got over that episode by herself. However, we also discovered she likes to eat paper - especially the paper you find under the chicken when you buy a packet from the store - its soaked in chicken juice. One day we found the trash tipped over in the kitchen and the paper from the chicken container gone. We also found a very clogged up kitty. This episode required an expensive visit to the vet to 'unclog' her.

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