Thymus' Crazy Kitten Page

The Story of Thymus

Say hello to the craziest kitten in world. Thymus is one truelly amazing, athletic cat. To top it off she is very vocal, talking to herself all the time and even answering when we talk to her.

Our time with Thymus started back in December of 1997. One of Michelle's co-workers informed us that his wife (a veterinarian) had a kitten that we might like. So we went down to the vet and met skinny little thymus, an orange and white kitty with a smudge on her nose. She had been picked up on the street by a policeman and brought to the vet. However, since the vet was not an animal shelter, they were to send her to be put down the next day. Basically we were told, "if you don't take her tonight she will be killed tomorrow". Since we were not prepared for so sudden arrival of a cat (we had been planning to get one some weeks later) Brian was a little concerned by this - however, the choice was clear, we couldn't let this cute and affectionate kitty die. So into our lives she came and we've never regretted the decision.

Thymus is a constant source of amusement and frustration. She is just a bundle of energy, literally bouncing off the walls, going crazy running around the apartment when we get home at night. She is constantly seeking attention. We really believe she thinks of herself as human. She has to drink out of our cups and she has to sleep in our bed (although most of the time we keep her out of the bedroom since she would keep us awake all night with her constant activity).

Thymus is also very friendly with visitors. While our other cat Thalamus runs and hides under the couch as soon as anyone arrives, Thymus is rubbing against their legs and asking to be cuddled and played with. We feel a little sorry for her sometimes as we just don't have the time to give her all the attention she asks for.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy visiting Thymus' webpage. Maybe one day we may put a few sound files here so you can here her talking.

Thymus Update (17 August 2012)

The above description was written quite some years ago when we lived in New York City, probably around 2002 when I first set up this webpage.

Thymus died yesterday aged 15 years and 1 month, in Perth Western Australia, about 19,000km from where she was born. She was taken from us very suddenly and unexpectedly, probably from a heart-attack or burst aneurysm. Here is a little more of her story.

In 2005 we decided to move from New York to Perth. We couldn't possible leave our two beautiful kitties in New York so we decided to take them with us. In the last week of March 2006 the kitties set off on their long journey (one week before we left). They flew from New York to Los Angeles, then to New Zealand where they had a lay-over for a day, and a run-around (I have never been to NZ). From NZ they flew direct to Perth where they entered a quarantine station in Bicton (a suburb of Perth).

In quarantine Thymus earned herself a reputation. The carers there learned to be careful around her as she was none too happy about being locked in a little room. Things did not really get better for her when she got out of quarantine because she moved to my parents house where my Dad had built an outdoor cat-run...a tin shed out the back with some fencing around it so they could go outside. It wasn't up to her standard of luxury.

Finally, she got her own home (with her sister Thaly of course) when we moved into our own house on 30 September 2006. From then on she was a happy kitty who, as she aged, became more and more of a lap-cat, teleporting on to our laps without us even noticing.

Sadly in 2008 we had to put Thymus' sister Thaly down as she was very sick (she had been most of her life). Thymus, however, relished being the only cat in the house and started forgiving our sons for the torments they had put her through, sitting on their laps and allowing them to pat her.

In her last year Thymus slowed down somewhat. However, there were still crazy moments like those mentioned above. But really, her favourite pass-time was sitting on our laps whenever possible. If you sat down, chances are there was a cat on your lap in a matter of seconds. She also grew louder and more talkative with age, always demanding attention. She also loved to be carried around.

I wish I had put a recording of her talking on this site. I'm sure I have one somewhere on one of our many videos and if I find one I will post it here.

We miss you beautiful kitty. I am so glad that I was able to share in your crazy life.

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