Michelle, Brian, Ethan, Declan and Patrick's Homepage

Hi, and welcome to Michelle, Brian, Ethan, Declan and Patrick's Homepage. This website provides details about us, our three kitties Lady Grey Knight (Mumma Cat), Earl Furry Grey (Boy Kitty) and Eartha Kitty (Fluffy), and of course our 16 year old son Ethan, our 13 year old son Declan and our 10 year old son Patrick. Please visit our webpages by clicking on the pictures below or the names at the bottom of this page.
Ethan Paul Turner, aged 5937 days
Declan Thomas Turner, aged 4809 days
Patrick Bruce Turner, aged 3892 days

Michelle Brian Kids Thymus (RIP) Thalamus (RIP) Yogfart (RIP)

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